Review: Lou Fine Comics Treasury

Lou Fine Comics Treasury
Lou Fine Comics Treasury by Greg Theakston
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lou Fine is one of those artists that are legends in the industry, but few outside comic books know of. He never illustrated any Superman-level icons (unless you count Uncle Sam), but his work is remembered fondly and still stands out as some of the finest art in comic books.

This collection from Pure Imagination Books is, regrettably, in black-and-white, but does let the reader see the deftness of Lou’s inking. Most of the series he worked on are represented here, from a single page of The Diary of Dr. Stuart to two complete Black Condor adventures. The bulk of Fine’s run on the foreign market strip Wilton of the West is reprinted, along with the Flame, the Ray, Dollman, Hack O’Hara, Stormy Foster and the aforementioned Uncle Sam.

This is defintely 100-pages of comic art that is worth it for any fan, golden age or otherwise, to seek out.

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