Fun from the Golden Age: Gail Porter, Girl Photographer

Today’s jaunt back into four-color memories comes from the first issue of one of my favorite golden age comic book series, Blue Circle Comics. This was a short-lived (six issues) magazine published by Rural Home Publications beginning in 1944.

I’ve always thought it was a good archetype of the standard golden age comic book: A couple of heroes (The Blue Circle and the Steel Fist) along with a bunch of regular features, many of which were just a little offbeat.

According to the Grand Comics Database, either Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr. or industry legend Bob Oskner did the pencils on this episode of Gail Porter, a feature akin to Torchy Blane on the silver screen.

This story originally appeared in the first issue of Blue Circle Comics.

 Blue Circle 1-11

Blue Circle 1-12

Blue Circle 1-13

Blue Circle 1-14

Blue Circle 1-15

Blue Circle 1-16


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