Spotlight on: John Severin

John Severin was always one of the most versatile artists in comic books, but rarely got his proper due from the fans. He’s perhaps best remembered by baby boomers as the guy who drew most of the movie and television parodies for Cracked Magazine in seventies and early eighties – he was with the magazine for 45 years.

John had a varied career in comic books, working for E.C. Comics and Marvel Comics, becoming known there for his work inking the Hulk and handling the art chores on Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos and King Kull, the latter book being inked by his sister, long-time Marvel stalwart, Marie. He also worked on the 2003 Rawhide Kid limited series and did a few issues of DC Comics’ Suicide Squad in 2002.

This story comes from Prize Comics’ The Fargo Kid #3, which was actually the first issue of that short-lived title in 1958. The story “Flight for Life!” was actually a reprint from a 1954 comic called Apache Hunter.  The writer is unknown. It’s a fairly short story, without a lot of the stereotypes that plagued the western genre over past hundred years.








2 thoughts on “Spotlight on: John Severin

  1. Absolutely loved this! I can’t believe I’m getting into comic books again.
    I didn’t read this kind as a girl or the super hero ones either. My particular comics were Bunty and Judy! I loved them. 🙂

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