Review: All Star Comics Archives, Vol. 11

All Star Comics Archives, Vol. 11
All Star Comics Archives, Vol. 11 by John Broome
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The final volume of the All Star Comics Archives is interesting, at least to me. I had read the first volume in the series and numerous Justice Society reprints over the years, but none of the tales in this book. They’re fun, old-fashioned comic stories, but they’re a little lacking on the logic at times. In one tale, the team is put in suspended animation for an entire year. You’d wonder how Alan Scott’s communications empire ran without him for that long, or why Joan Garrick didn’t go banana-wacky worrying where the Flash was, or why Diana Prince wasn’t prosecuted for being AWOL. I suppose when you’re writing for kids, you don’t necessarily need a lot, but that’s how no-prizes get spawned.

In the final eight stories in this book, the JSA does a heckuva lot of gallivanting through time and space. We’re talking the Doctor-level movement here, going into the past and future, and visiting nearly every planet in the solar system.

The artwork is on a par with fifties standards, provided by Arthur Peddy, Bob Oskner and Frank Giacoia.

I managed to snag a copy of this for less than a $10 used, so it was one of my better purchases of the 2013 holiday season. A fun collection and a reminder of when comic books weren’t nearly as serious as they are today.

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