Review: Monster Earth

Monster Earth
Monster Earth by James Palmer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have to say that as a short story collection, Monster Earth is that rare beast in that there is NOT a bad story in the collection (at least in my opinion). The tales are all fairly well written in terms of plot, but the entire book could’ve definitely used a final pass through both an editor and a formatter. Characters change names in a couple of cases several times during the course of a story, and uniform indents are apparently only a suggestion for a couple of them.

But even with the problems, they managed to keep you reading on. The basic concept – giant monsters rather than nukes in the arms race, is somewhat far-fetched for even this sort of pulpy adventure, but the stories flow well under that flawed blanket theme. It’s a multinational tour de force, as nearly every country has a giant monster, and seems to need one to be taken seriously, even if some of those creatures cause more havoc than they protect against.

I’d definitely give this a read if you’re a kaiju fan. There’s no Godzilla here, but plenty of variations that will make you click the next page.

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