Review: Justice League – War

ImageThis is somewhere around the third direct-to-video DC movie to use the themes of the “New 52”, and it’s just as big a train wreck as the comic books themselves. I almost hesitate giving it a review, since the fewer people that waste their time with it, the better. But I guess it’s better to let folks know of this travesty so they don’t waste their Redbox coupons on it. Or worse yet, buy the DVD.The movie is basically an adaptation of the first story arc in Justice League (reprinted in the trade paperback Origin). With two changes: No Aquaman. And Captain Marvel Shazam replaces the Sea King. It’s a really pointless change that does nothing but lessen the whole, and means the animators didn’t have to draw a lot of fish.All the cliches of that hackneyed opening story are there: Superman is a jerk. Green Lantern is a jerk. Batman once again pickpockets GL’s power ring like he did in All-Star Batman and Robin the original story. Wonder Woman is dull. Shazam is a spoiled brat who needs a few months on Apokolips. The Flash is dull. Cyborg is okay, but his armored form looks very clunky by comparison to his original body.  Cyborg and Batman are the only ones who even remotely act like the heroes they used to be. Darkseid and the forces of Apokolips are pretty ineffective when confronted by actual metahumans. The scripting and dialogue is atrocious, reading just like the overblown crap spewed by the heroes in Geoff Johns’ original story. Well, nearly original. I think they did this story better back when it was Jack Kirby’s Super Powers.

This is certainly the weakest DC animation effort I’ve watched so far. It really has nothing going for it, and as an old school comic book fan, I wouldn’t even give it a star if I was rating it.  It seems like they want to make sure that the heroes as they envision them are jerks and near-homicidal. Considering Man of Steel, the cancellation of Young Justice and the Teen Titans Go dreck that replaced it, I can’t say that I’m looking forward to any new DC animation or movie releases. Just like DC itself, they’ve forgotten what matters: The history and the fans.


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