Review: Destination: Moonbase Alpha

Destination: Moonbase Alpha
Destination: Moonbase Alpha by Robert E Wood
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Not a bad look back at a cool television show. Space 1999 definitely deserves the tag of “cult” TV show. I know I only managed to watch two episodes of it on broadcast TV back in the day, having to get my fix off the Charlton Comics series and various issues of Starlog Magazine, at least until the series became available on DVD.

This book features very in-depth looks at all the episodes, the background of the show and a plethora of interviews with all the cast members and the important people behind the scenes. From before the first episode “Breakaway” was a gleam in George Bellack’s eye, to the final fan-made “Message from Moonbase Alpha”, this really is THE book for the Space 1999 aficionado.

Unfortunately, the entire e-book is formatted horribly and makes it a headache to read at times. It looks as though the print version was just used with very few formatting changes, other than a couple of section breaks. The book also needs a good editing/proofreading pass, since there are numerous typos and problems on that front. The book may have been just OCR’ed and posted for sale, given the combination of the two problems.

There’s a lot of good information and memories in this book, and it’s a shame that it is in the condition it is. Though it is somewhat fitting, considering the way the show itself was treated over the years.

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