Review: Collision Course

Collision Course
Collision Course by E.C. Tubb
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The fourth Space 1999 novelization adapts a quartet of first season episodes into a seamless narrative. This one covers “Collision Course”, “The Full Circle”, “End of Eternity” and “Death’s Other Dominion”. E. C. Tubb was probably the best author to handle these adaptations, and he does a great job with these, particularly since most of them are more on the cerebral side, a hallmark of the program, rather than space-operatic action.

Tubb manages to add a good amount of detail and color to the stories without taking away from the essence of each tale. I like the blending of the shows into a whole, though I do wonder if there shouldn’t be more filler, or adventures-between-the-adventures, if you know what I mean. Considering the interstellar distances being traversed by Moonbase Alpha, one would think there would be a lot of downtime where the base was repaired and maintained. A book would’ve been an interesting way to show how that part of the crew’s survival went on.

Definitely worth a read if you are a Space 1999 fan. This one should also appeal to general science fiction fans (at least those that can get past the basic scientific fallacy of the entire series).

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