Review: The Greatest Superman Stories Ever Told

The Greatest Superman Stories Ever Told
The Greatest Superman Stories Ever Told by Jerry Siegel
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

With the exception of perhaps two stories in this book, this is one of the few volumes in the series to live up to the “Greatest Stories Ever Told” hype. This book includes some excellent Superman stories, from the imaginary tales “Lex Luthor, Hero” and “The Story of Superman-Red and Superman-Blue” to Alan Moore’s “For the Man Who Has Everything”.

The only two stumbles are including the first chapter of Jack Kirby’s Fourth World saga (from the pages of Jimmy Olsen) and an issue of John Byrne’s Superman reboot. DC didn’t let Jack have full reign over the characters, redrawing Superman to meet DC standards at the time instead of letting Kirby’s vibrate art encompass the character. And unfortunately, Byrne’s reboot wasn’t nearly as good as his work on Fantastic Four or She-Hulk, and really doesn’t belong in this book.

The rest of the stories are all great classic Superman tales. If your vision of Superman requires Curt Swan or Al Plastino, or even the original work of Siegel and Shuster, then this is worth picking up.

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