Review: The Golden Age

The Golden Age
The Golden Age by Jeff Deischer
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This take on the public domain super-hero craze of recent years was entertaining. It read like a standard pulp magazine, and there was a huge variety of characters …perhaps a few too many actually. The kitchen-sink approach really wasn’t necessary, and I think concentrating on several mystery-men instead of so many might have made for a better tale.

I also wasn’t too charmed by the transformation of Doc Strange into Doc Marvel, a Doc Savage clone. Strange was more of a literal Superman than a superman like Savage. I know the author was drawing on his love of the pulps, but this was more blatant copy than homage.

The story itself was fine, but the loose ends were rounded up much too quickly at the end. The author used the last 25% of the book to detail the history of his world, which he had just revealed to us in the story. And then biographical references to all the characters. It was all padding that was unnecessary and the space could’ve been used for story content instead.

The e-book’s formatting was also very inconsistent, with chapters beginning at the bottom of a page, the middle, weird margins, etc.

I’m hoping the author’s follow-ups are given a little more care than this one. I’ll give them a try, simply because I love the mystery-men of this era.

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