Review: Earthfall

Earthfall by E.C. Tubb
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was the first of the original material Space 1999 novels that I’ve read. It’s “mostly” original, I should say, as it adds a lot of backstory and detail to the pilot episode, “Breakaway” and brings Moonbase Alpha full circle and back to Earth.

E.C. Tubb wrote a lot of the original novelizations, so he knows how to handle these characters. He does an excellent job of that, and especially with creating the new society that the Alphans end up adopting to maintain what remains of the colony. It is very well written, and with some great characterizations (though some of the newer characters are either cyphers or cutouts, but some of those didn’t need to be anything more than that). There’s a touch of Huxley in the themes, but it’s diehard Space 1999 for the fans.

I would definitely recommend this one to any Space 1999 fan.

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