Review: Popeye in Deep-Sea Danger

Popeye in Deep-Sea Danger
Popeye in Deep-Sea Danger by Paul S. Newman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Yeah, yeah, I know. What the heck’s a guy my age doing reading Big Little Books? Why? Because they’re fun, great for obscure trivia, and usually have some great comic artwork in them.

This little Popeye tale is a nice little story, with everyone’s favorite Sailor Man helping a scientist find the last sea monster. It’s not a bad plot, and doesn’t use the ubiquitous Bluto or Brutus as the bad guy.

The only bad thing: No flippy-corner animation in this one. Oh, well…

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One thought on “Review: Popeye in Deep-Sea Danger

  1. I’m Popeye the sailor man toot toot,
    I’m I live in a caravan, toot toot,
    I loves to go swimmin’
    With all the nude women,
    I’m Popeye the sailor maaan, toot toot.

    Oliiiiiiiive!! 😉

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