Review: Stories of Genesis, Vol. 2

Stories of Genesis, Vol. 2
Stories of Genesis, Vol. 2 by Chris James
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Chris James’ “new kind of fan fiction” is not what you’d think it is. This isn’t that 50 Shades crap. He doesn’t take a Genesis song and turn it into a story; he merely uses elements, or an idea or an impression, from the song and builds a unique tale around it. There’s nary a clunker among these five tales, based on tunes from Genesis’ more progressive early period.

I would have to say my favorites are “From the Cellar” and “The Return of the Giant Hogweed”, the latter simply for being one of the most masterful H.G. Wells mash-ups I’ve ever read. Actually, it may be the first H.G. Wells mash-up I’ve ever encountered, and James nails it on the head like a bunch of dancing angels! Anything I would say about the former would be a spoiler, so mum’s the word until you read it.

Definitely a recommended read!

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