Review: The Hollow Earth

The Hollow Earth
The Hollow Earth by Raymond Bernard
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This was one of those near-legendary counter-culture books that I always wanted to read. Unfortunately, it was pretty much a letdown on all counts.

The whole basis of the book seems to be predicated solely on two things that a prominent explorer said almost in passing about his trek over one of the Poles. From that there’s a lot of bad suppositions, bad pseudo-science, and a lot of jumping to conclusions. Most of the book quotes from other works, particularly the works of Raymond Palmer, rather than trying to make any proper explanations. And the same five or six points are endlessly repeated nearly every chapter, like the author himself had to keep them going as a mantra so he could believe them himself.

Dr. Bernard’s book doesn’t even remotely resemble a scholarly text, and his conclusions are incredibly flimsy. Considering most of his other work was in more paranoid exposes of the government (which is, of course, poisoning us with fluoridation), I suppose this shouldn’t have been much of a surprise.

I can’t understand how this book still has the reputation that it does. Even for a pseudo-science fan like myself, this was a wasted effort.

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