Review: Windigo Soul

Windigo Soul
Windigo Soul by Robert Brumm
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I had thought I had read this book before, when it was in it’s “first edition”. At least the cover improved greatly since then. Unfortunately, that was all that had.

This book tries to combine far too many popular sci-fi conventions to have anything original to say. Soylent Green, Z.P.G., the Matrix, Logan’s Run. If you’ve watched all those movies (or read the novelizations or books they were based on), you’ll have read every single concept in this novel. Oh, and add one of the lesser Bond novels or a Ludlum.

There’s maybe one good chapter (the first) that gives the reader hope for a greater whole, but it just doesn’t materialize. You could maybe get a six-issue comic book out of this book, given the decompression of stories in that medium, but I don’t know anyone who’d bother to publish it. Even including that good chapter, this story has been told before, many times, and many times better.

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