Review: Night Of The Big Heat

Night Of The Big Heat Night Of The Big Heat by John Lymington My rating: 4 of 5 stars I’ve been wanting to read this book for about twenty-five years now, since the first time I saw Island of the Burning Doomed on the Sci-Fi Channel and it became one of my favorite British science fiction flicks. Unfortunately, this paperback was either unavailable or outrageously priced, until a week ago when I noticed one for 99-cents on Amazon. John Lymington’s story is very similar to the movie, and in many ways more logical (at least at the climax). His main characters aren’t the usual cardboard cut-outs you often get in genre adventures. Patricia and the Callums are well written and have personality. The movie had taken some definite liberties with the menaces, and they’re much more frightening in the book, as their nature and even size is much different and again more logical. Their appearance on the island in the middle of the heat wave (in the summer, and not the winter as in the movie – another bit of illogic that the movie had) create a very confined feeling … you can almost feel the stifling heat yourself. I’d have to say this book was worth the wait to read. View all my reviews


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