Review: Frank Zappa: The Complete Guide to His Music

Frank Zappa: The Complete Guide to His Music
Frank Zappa: The Complete Guide to His Music by Ben Watson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The main problem with this book is that if you click on the Kindle version of Watson’s The Negative Dialectics of Poodleplay, *this* is what you get for the e-book. I thought there was some mistake with the differing page counts, since they are linked as the same book on However: THEY ARE TWO SEPARATE BOOKS!

That said, this is an okay look at Zappa’s oeuvre, though the author is a tad too full of himself, loves dropping names, and apparently thinks Làther is the end-all and be-all of Frank Zappa’s music. I guess; I mean, it *is* a good album, but not one of my personal faves. To each his own.

Like anyone, the author has his likes and dislikes in Zappa’s discography, but glosses over many cuts on many albums otherwise discussed in great detail. There are numerous discographies on the internet that will give you the same, and some more insightful information about Frank Zappa’s music. This e-book just seems slapped together; I’m assuming NDoPP was a bit more detailed.

I would’ve liked to read the entire original work, but I’m not sure I could swallow the smarm for 597 pages. It was tough to get through 96 the way it was.

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