Review: Betsy and Me

Betsy and Me
Betsy and Me by Jack Cole
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is one of those bittersweet books. It’s great to see Jack Cole’s work on his comic strip collected, but it’s also sad to realize this was his last work before he inexplicably committed suicide.

The comic strip itself is very funny and quite original in layout and verve. The artwork is reminiscent, to me at least, of Mel Lazarus and Miss Peach. Cole gives the strip some wonderful visual accents that make the stories flow with ease and with good humor.

There are only a few months of the strip collected here since, well, that’s all there is by Jack Cole. There’s an interesting introduction that covers the later part of Cole’s career in a good amount of depth, so if you get this and Fantagraphics’ Focus on Jack Cole, you’ll have pretty much every bit of info on this great creator that’s readily available.

You can usually find this little tome cheap on Amazon. More’s the pity that these sellers don’t know what they have in their inventories. This is a classic.

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