Review: JFK: The Dead Witnesses

JFK: The Dead Witnesses
JFK: The Dead Witnesses by Craig Roberts
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Okay, let’s get the minuses out of the way early: This is a horribly-formatted book. It looks like your standard “well, just use the print book manuscript; they can’t be that much different, can they?” (And the answer to that question is… YES! Yes, they are!)

As for the subject matter, it is very informative. And kinda scary. I think most folks realize that Oswald wasn’t the sole shooter; there were a LOT of vengeful and powerful people involved and the US was subverted by a paramilitary coup. Luckily, unlike most third world nations, it only involved one man getting killed. Or it seemed to at the time.

Many of the 115+ deaths listed in this book do seem like coincidences, like heart attacks and the ubiquitous “natural causes”, but one does have to wonder. And given the fact that nearly everyone involved with any stage of the investigation is now dead, it’s doubtful the truth will ever come out at this late date.

It’s an interesting read for the conspiracy buff, and I think any US history/military aficionado will find this worth reading, if just the intricate web that’s weaved with the subject matter.

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