Review: For the Moon Is Hollow and Aliens Rule the Sky

For the Moon Is Hollow and Aliens Rule the Sky
For the Moon Is Hollow and Aliens Rule the Sky by Rob Shelsky
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was not a bad book on what you (the average public) would more than likely consider a very flaky subject. I myself don’t, as anything’s possible in my book. The book has some cosmetic formatting issues, but is easily readable. The exposition does run on and repeat itself quite often, as if the writer’s really trying to hammer some points in. I’m also not quite certain if the writer realizes the International Space Station is up there right now, and that it’s not Skylab.

Mr. Shelsky has some well-thought out ideas about the Moon itself and a lot of them make sense on face value (not knowing the actual science myself, it’s hard to evaluate the viability of the ideas; I will say there is logic to nearly all of them). The gist of the arguments is that the Moon is both hollow and inhabited by an alien race, which may or may not be primarily responsible for the UFO phenomena in our skies on Earth, and for the fact that Mankind has not returned to the Moon (as in landing on it) for the past forty years (it should be noted that other avenues of space exploration, primarily the Skylabs and the Space Shuttle programs, which replaced the Apollo program in terms of cost-effectiveness, are completely ignored as possible, and perhaps more probable, reasons for that cutback on the American front; it is mentioned that the Chinese are attempting Lunar missions, with limited success).

The title and cover are a tad more sensationalistic than the text would indicate, as this is not a book about evil aliens controlling our skies from their lunar base. That’s perhaps one consideration in one chapter; again this is much more thought out and dissertative than some pulp magazine tract. There are plenty of other works out there that will attempt to instill the fear into you. While it was a little drawn-out in places, I have to say I enjoyed reading this book, and I’ve picked up the previous work by Mr. Shelsky to get some of the background (hopefully) on the Moon and more of its strangeness, at least as the author sees it.

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