Review: The Bill Everett Archives, Vol. 1: Amazing Mysteries

The Bill Everett Archives, Vol. 1: Amazing Mysteries
The Bill Everett Archives, Vol. 1: Amazing Mysteries by Bill Everett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is that rarest of birds: An excellent reprint volume made form public domain comics, and ones that don’t infringe on any living artists possible interests, either. Blake Bell has assembled a wonderful archive of the early work of Bill Everett, featuring some of his most famous non-Timely/Marvel creations: Hydroman, Amazing Man, Sub-Zero.

It’s great to see an artist like Bill Everett get this kind of love and care taken with his work. He was an artist who’s talent grew and expanded as he got older, and his work on Sub-Mariner for Marvel right before his death showed how good he had become. Bell provides a fairly good biography of Everett, limited to the time period covered by the reprints.

Many folks will be dismayed to see that it isn’t all super-heroes; so sorry, but there are other types of comic books, you idiots. Detective, adventures, western, science fiction and even text stories are well-represented in Amazing Mysteries. There isn’t a bad story in the book; sure some of the attitudes and plots are a tad dated, but one has to read any sort of book in the eyes of the era that it was created in order to get the true brilliance of the work.

This is one I definitely would recommend to any comic book fan who actually reads proper comic books and comic stories, not the 99% dreck that is published today.

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