Review: Moon in a Dead Eye

Moon in a Dead Eye
Moon in a Dead Eye by Pascal Garnier
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Every now and then I venture out from the safe little pulp adventures I usually read and attempt something that might actually be considered “literature” by the hoi-polloi. I had received a copy of Moon in a Dead Eye from a Goodreads giveaway last year and it finally made it to the top of the To-Be-Read pile (well, shelf now, actually).

I have to say that after reading the indicia, I didn’t hold out much hope: The book’s translated from the French, and given the Franco-centric isolationism of that culture, I wondered if this would even be readable by a mere American. For once, my expectations were pleasantly wrong; this was both a well-written novel and a very interesting story. And, even better, it began to take some incredibly bizarre twists and turns on the final chapters, culminating in a very weird ending for a “normal” book.

That ending is why I gave this book four stars instead of five, since I just didn’t see some of the motivations for some of the characters to do what they did. I’m a person who relishes the weird, but there’s got to be some rationality behind it, or it isn’t weird – just … odd.

This was a refreshing change of pace, and it’s good to see that the French government’s cultural edicts aren’t making all literature there too French for the rest of the world!

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