Review: The Jack Kirby Omnibus, Vol. 2: Starring the Super Powers

The Jack Kirby Omnibus, Vol. 2: Starring the Super Powers
The Jack Kirby Omnibus, Vol. 2: Starring the Super Powers by Jack Kirby
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Now THIS is how an omnibus should be done! Great reproduction, great color and great artwork by the King himself, Jack Kirby! This edition covers Jack’s work at DC Comics after he had created his Fourth World opus, and after he had returned to Marvel Comics, gone into animation, and become a free agent, as it were.

The selections here are a strange cross-section of DC Comics in the seventies and eighties. Black Magic reprints some old Kirby tales from the fifties, including some of his Dream Detective stories. Following that up was Kirby’s revival of the Sandman, this time as a character who could control dreams, an issue of Kung Fu Fighter, the first issue of Kobra, some First Issue Specials (including the revival of Manhunter), Superman meeting the Challengers, and the first two Super Powers toy tie-in series.

My one qualm with the book is the addition of all the Super Powers issues; Jack did plot the series, but only wrote and drew the final issue. The first four had some truly atrocious art (which had the saving grace of some Alan Kupperberg inking on a few issues), and had little to do with Jack; it comes off as four issues of filler in an otherwise excellent volume. Having Kirby do the entirety of the the second series more than makes up for it, since we get Jack’s take on Doctor Fate, Red Tornado, Martian Manhunter and even the modern-look Green Arrow.

Speaking of GA, I’ve read a lot of complaining reviews on the first Kirby Omnibus, since it had Green Arrow on the cover and wasn’t completely Green Arrow all the way through; apparently no one bothers to look to see exactly how much of the feature Kirby actually did – it was only about nine or ten eight-page stories. That’s obviously not going to fill 300+ pages. If the rest of that book is anything like this, I’m definitely grabbing it as soon as I find an affordable copy.

If you like good comics, and/or if you like Jack Kirby, THIS is definitely a book for you!

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