Review: The Thing: Project Pegasus

The Thing: Project Pegasus
The Thing: Project Pegasus by Mark Gruenwald
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Project Pegasus is one of those great little stories that you really don’t see in comic books anymore. First, it’s got some great writing – that’s a very optional item with 21st century comic books. It’s got engaging characters you actually can care about – not the recycled/revamped/rebirthed pap we get nowadays. It’s got good art – you know, the kind that comic books are supposed to have. And the story meant something. Back in the day, Project Pegasus was a nice little adjunct on the Marvel Earth that actually made sense.

The only downside to the story was the apparent destruction of the original Deathlok, a character I enjoyed back in his Astonishing Tales run when I was a kid. Every other character, from the Thing to Giant-Man to of course Wundarr, came out better for this story – characters actually grew and progressed without having to retcon all sorts of extraneus bullcrap into them, or just erase them and start over, as is the prevalence today.

This little book is highly recommended for fans of proper comic books. If you like the New 52 and the majority of the Marvel Now slop, you’ll probably want to avoid this, as it won’t be up to your limited sensibilities.

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