Review: Marvel Masterworks: The Sub-Mariner, Vol. 1

Marvel Masterworks: The Sub-Mariner, Vol. 1
Marvel Masterworks: The Sub-Mariner, Vol. 1 by Stan Lee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An excellent volume in the Marvel Masterworks series, but probably not for everyone. Besides brief appearances by Iron Man and Daredevil, there’s not a lot of connection to the regular Marvel Universe. And there’s a lot of reading – you know, actual reading – so that might be off-putting to a lot of modern readers.

Great stories and some fantastic artwork by Gene Colan and Bill Everett, including Everett inking Colan. Unfortunately, most of the first few stories are inked by Vince Colletta, completely destroying Colan’s moody artwork. Colletta can do some good work, but he wrecks detailed pencils with his speed.

The stories pretty much show Namor reclaiming his kingdom, finding Neptune’s trident to cement his rule, all amidst the machinations of Warlord Krang. Interesting, near-Shakespearean dialogue highlights these wonderful old tales! Recommended!

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