Review: The Belly of the Beast

The Belly of the Beast
The Belly of the Beast by Dean Wesley Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The first book in the SCE/COE series is a wonderful melange of TOS/TNG and the novels from both series. We’re introduced to the USS Da Vinci, commanded by a friend of Jean-Luc Picard’s, the flagship of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, of which Captain Montgomery Scott is the main liaison with Starfleet proper. Georgi LaForge joins the crew to investigate a mysterious and powerful alien ship that the Enterprise-D just barely defeated.

The Da Vinci’s crew includes former Enterprise Ensign Selina Gomez, along with a pair of the computer-minded Bynars. A couple of new alien races round things out, in a very well-written book. Definitely looking forward to the next book in the series!

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