Review: The IDIC Epidemic

The IDIC Epidemic
The IDIC Epidemic by Jean Lorrah
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The IDIC Epidemic is a bit misleading for a title; the story refers to a perversion of the Vulcan concept rather than the actual philosophy. Still, this was an interesting novel. And it weaves in an explanation for why Klingons look different in the original TV series and the movies. Until Enterprise, it was the only real explanation we had.

The book is a pseudo-sequel to Jean Lorrah’s previous Trek entry, the superb Vulcan Academy Murders, though it is really connected only by a tangent – Sulu is injured before the story begins and needs to use the healing chamber developed in the previous book. Unfortunately, there’s this planet and Romulans and a lack of dilithium to contend with first…

Excellent new characters on board the Enterprise again (Lt. Offer, Ensign LaPierre) make things more interesting. This is a well-written novel with a lot of action and spot-on characterization. Definitely recommended!

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