Review: Descercrations

Descercrations by Karina Michaels
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Ah, curiosity. You’ll kill more than felines, won’t you? I was so curious as to how someone could’ve possibly misspelled the title of their book both on the front cover and in the Amazon listing that I broke down and spent the 99-cents and bought it. Even at that low price, it was a waste of money and the hour it took to read was one that I’ll never get back.

This story is like someone watched an episode of Downton Abbey at the same time as an episode of The Only Way is Essex while a special combo of Fear Factor and Jersey Shore was playing in the background. That’s really the only way I can describe it – it’s so bloody horrible that it’s beyond belief. Incest, racial stereotypes that only pop up when the author needs to indicate a character is not white, long and almost Joycean-length expositions, and a constant “tell” attitude toward the story; Instead of showing the reader through character interaction, the author just drones on in a bevy of viewpoint-changing narration that puts one into a mood for napping or speed reading to just trudge through the inanity.

The book’s even formatting poorly – it’s practically backwards, as the first paragraph of each chapter is indented, but none of the others are, giving a reader a headache. Which on top of the book’s other crimes add up to a literary migraine. Unless you’re a masochist of the highest order, I’d avoid this one.

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