Review: Winter Wind

Winter Wind
Winter Wind by J.R. Rain
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I have to say that when I read the description of this book, I thought it was a parody of some sort; I mean, a blind, deaf, and mute detective? That’s a Saturday Night Live skit, not a proper mystery novel. However the way it was set out, at least in the beginning, was interesting, and it made me think of being in similar circumstances myself. But going out and solving crimes is still a tad far-fetched.

The BIG problem in this book is that it isn’t a proper detective novel; it’s a fantasy novel, does severe disservice to differently-abled people and their caregivers. Facilitating the main character’s crime solving by giving him a form of divinely-granted, if intermittent, sight, is completely ludicrous. And the serious of coincidences that lead to the climax and just too many to warrant mentioning.

This is the Asylum Films version of a good book, say the Bone Collector. That was a believable detective with a handicap. This is … not.

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