Review: All Star Comics Archives, Vol. 6

All Star Comics Archives, Vol. 6
All Star Comics Archives, Vol. 6 by Gardner F. Fox
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was the first volume of the All Star Comics Archives to reflect the period when there were no National Periodical Publications heroes on the team. NPP/DC and All American Comics split for awhile there, so no Superman, Batman, Dr. Fate, Spectre, etc.

While the art isn’t nearly as varied throughout all the issues as was usual for the title, there’s some fun and informative stories in this book. I’d rate the one in which the JSA tries to help a disabled veteran show other folks with disabilities that they can be productive members of society the highest, along with the first tale, a historical journey in which a guy in the US who supports Germany is taken back in history to see how Germany’s leadership became so messed up and power hungry.

Mr. Terrific makes his sole Golden Age appearance with the team, and Wildcat appears in two stories.

A good read for any GA fan!

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