Review: Bed & Breakfast Bedlam

Bed & Breakfast Bedlam
Bed & Breakfast Bedlam by Abby L. Vandiver
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Not a bad little mystery. Like a good “cozy” mystery, you really end up caring more about how the characters interact than a lot of the actual mystery. Logan Dickerson was interesting as the protagonist, though she didn’t get many chances in this first book to use her own skills as an archaeologist. Miss Vivee and the cast of characters in the bed and breakfast were very fun – drawn with broad strokes but not allowed to become cardboard.

I thought the tale was just a bit slow in giving the reader the clues, and I have to say that I had to rate this a star less because my dislike of the habits of Agatha Christie (when you read the book, you’ll understand what I mean). However, I’ve already bought the next book in the series and look forward to reading it next week.

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