Review: Coastal Cottage Calamity

Coastal Cottage Calamity
Coastal Cottage Calamity by Abby L. Vandiver
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This one was a great disappointment. After laying out the groundwork for some interesting characters in the first book (which was also a bit of a letdown after the author Agatha Christie’d readers by having the killer not be one of the suspects), here she goes and does the EXACT SAME THING. That’s just lame by any standard.

For some reason, every one of the characters came off as cardboard or only half-developed in this story – it’s like it was written in haste and not repented at leisure; There are numerous, rather annoying, typos that provide evidence to this. This book needed one more look-see by a content editor and a proofreader.

I don’t ask much from a mystery, especially a “cozy-type” mystery. Just a few hours of entertainment, some quirky characters, and a chance to guess whodunit. When the killer isn’t one of the suspects you are given, you can’t guess it.

You take that away from a mystery, and you ain’t got much of anything.

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