A point on Book Reviewing…

I review pretty much everything I read, good and bad, and have done so for the past three years and counting. I review them on Goodreads and Amazon, and they show up here (linked from Goodreads), as it’s how I keep track of what I’ve been reading. Hey, a geek’s gotta keep his lists, right?

Now it really doesn’t matter if I know the book’s author (via Facebook or elsewhere) or not. If the author is a close friend, and I’ve seen a lot of typos or problems that I know that author usually doesn’t have in their books, I’ll often message them and ask if they uploaded the wrong copy to KDP. That’s usually the case – hell, I’ve done it several times myself. And I’ll still review the book.

One conversation in a chat box does not make an author a “close friend.” If I don’t know you other than as a photo floating on the internet ether, well, sorry, you’re in the same boat as Jules Verne, Steve Ditko, or Harper Lee: You get a review. That’s it.

I would like to point out that it’s not part of my job  description to not review a book because it’s awful, or stop suddenly while I’m reading and message an author because their book is rapidly turning horrible. Is the author going to suddenly rewrite the book because the story went balls up? Will he or she do that so that I can finish what I’m reading right now? Is that the way these things work? Because if it is, wow, I could’ve saved a lot of mediocre novels. Oh, if I could’ve gotten a message to Lillian Jackson-Braun for that last Cat Who book…

It’s the author’s job to put out a good book. Or at least a readable one. My job is … well, goshers gee willickers, I don’t have a job to do in this li’l circle, unless it’s by choice. I just read the book  and post my opinion at that moment in time. That’s my only responsibility: To give my opinion on a work at the particular moment in time.


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