Review: Rumble, Vol. 1: What Color of Darkness

Rumble, Vol. 1: What Color of Darkness
Rumble, Vol. 1: What Color of Darkness by John Arcudi
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This incredible trade paperback was today’s afternoon read. I’ve been a fan of John Arcudi’s work since his short-lived Doom Patrol series back in the early 2000s, which was vastly superior to anything DC Comics has done with that team since. There’s a quirkiness or oddness to Arcudi’s writing that I find fascinating and very enjoyable.

Rumble Vol. 1 reprints the first five issues of the Rumble comic book. It’s hard to believe this came out of Image Comics, since it’s so good. It has a manga feel (hell, most comics have that nowadays) but there’s an epic story of good and evil with warrior gods and huge swords going on here, which has gotten melded to a real world story of a normal schlub and his weird friend. It’s honestly something most of us comic nerds can identify with quite easily.

The artwork of James Harren is fascinating to see, and Dave Stewart’s colors pop in just the right way.

I’m seriously hoping for more trades of this series, as we don’t have a comic shop near us anymore to buy the monthly issues. This is that rare beast today: An enjoyable modern comic book. Don’t miss it – I highly recommend this trade!

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