Review: The Adventures of Superman

The Adventures of Superman
The Adventures of Superman by George Lowther
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Today’s afternoon read was this facsimile edition of George Lowther’s The Adventures of Superman. It’s a YA book from 1942, with original illustrations (four in color) by Superman co-creator Joe Shuster. The reading level’s a couple of steps above, say, Tom Swift, and the story moves pretty fast – Superman comes to Earth and tries to set himself up in a position where he can help people. Perry White of the Daily Planet sends him out to cover a story on a haunted ship disrupting wartime production efforts in an industrial town. Naturally, Lois Lane gets in on the escapade.

The story was very well written by Lowther, who would later go on to script the Superman radio show. The Man of Steel’s pretty unstoppable, so the mystery behind the skeleton ship is the real crux of the tale, and it’s not a bad little mystery, either. There’s a couple of rather dated holes in the logic of the mystery, but considering this was the very first prose novel of ANY comic book character, I’m willing to overlook it.

This one is a fun trip back to yesteryear. Recommended!

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