Review: Pineapple Lies

Pineapple Lies
Pineapple Lies by Amy Vansant
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Now this book was a welcome surprise! I haven’t had much luck recently with mystery reads, but on the advice of a friend yesterday, I thought I’d give Pineapple Lies a try. I’m not a big romance/romantic comedy/chik lit reader (I normally read more genre stuff; pluses given for using dinosaurs), but this story perfectly bridged the gap between romantic comedy and quirky/cozy mystery story. The story was a top-notch mystery before the other trappings, and it did honestly keep me guessing til the end. It wasn’t Agatha Christie – which is a good thing; it was more Lillian Jackson-Braun.

The story was well written and even the dialogue was very believable. Ms. Vansant’s characters are, to use an oft-overused descriptor, delightful – realistic, believable, humorous, and all people I think most of us have been acquainted with at one time or another.

There’s really nothing about the story that requires the reader to suspend his disbelief – no short cuts taken, no excuses, no cliches…just good solid writing. I am sincerely looking forward to the next boo in the series. Highly recommended!

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