Cecil and Sandra

It’s a tough call when I see people wishing that Sandra Bland and other victims of police violence had been dressed up as lions, so they’d get some attention. I support justice for both, but I know that there’s not much chance of either.

Photo credit: Afrika Bush Camps
Photo credit: Afrika Bush Camps

As I’ve said before, I feel that with Cecil, there’s a slight chance of getting some sort of closure for the millions of people who admired him care about animals; the moron who killed him, and his cohorts who arranged it, have several paths upon which they might – just might – find their just desserts. I’m not counting on it, given the basic corruption of ANY legal system today, but I’d like to think that karma is real. And it would be so fucking great for the good guys to win one for once.

We will honestly never get that same closure for all the people – black, white, red, brown, yellow, whoever – murdered by the police. I can’t see it as anything other than impossible. It’s reprehensible that so many people get murdered in this country by the people who are charged to protect us. And it’s criminal that it ends up happening on an almost daily basis now.

Naturally, not all police officers are bad. I don’t personally know more than one who would have not been up in arms about this situation; in fact, I’m betting a sizable percentage are aghast at what these few, well-publicized paid killers have been doing. But we (and they) can very rarely break through the celebrated Thin Blue Line. It’s an ingrained force of habit that seems to come with that job.

Sandra Bland
Photo credit: Heavy.com

We can keep the victims in the spotlight, and we can hope. But we – us, you, me, and everyone – as the new, still-fledgling force of social media, are the ones who need to do it. Share articles and pics about the situation that interest you. Keep what you want changed in plain view.

Remember that The Powers That Be want us scared. We’re easy to control that way. If we’re educated and have our own opinions not based on fear, we’re of no damn use to them.


Oh, and yes, I know there have been numerous, again almost daily outrages that have been committed by nutcases with guns; that’s completely out of hand as well, and only tangential to the topic at this particular moment. .

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