Review: Superman Archives, Vol. 1

Superman Archives, Vol. 1
Superman Archives, Vol. 1 by Jerry Siegel
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This initial volume in the DC Archives series covers some of the most important comics in history: The first appearances of Superman in his own title. Many of the stories initially appeared in Action Comics, starting with issue #1, but you won’t really mind. This is some pioneering comic book reading, featuring the first popular caped super-hero. And you can’t really go wrong with the Man of Steel … unless you’re modern DC Comics and their horrid New 52 crap, of course. That ain’t Superman.

And this probably isn’t the Superman you know either. The original Superman was much more of a mystery-man/pulp character than super-hero, and he hadn’t yet adopted his motto of “Truth, justice, and the American Way”; people get killed in these comics as a result of Kal-L’s actions; property is severely damaged, and lives are changed. He’s just out to do what he thinks is “good” for the “innocent”. With the coming of the War, Superman would become the hero we all know and admire, but here he’s a bit of a boor at times. But he does his best, as I’m sure cheated creators Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel were as well.

Definitely recommended reading!

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