Review: The Marvels Project

The Marvels Project
The Marvels Project by Ed Brubaker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was an excellent early Marvel story, set in the golden age of heroes. This will probably be the last new material using the older heroes for quite some time, since Marvel thinks readers’ sensibilities have changed (and they have; we kind of prefer decent stories nowadays, not 90% of the crap they put out so it can be licensed into movies and toys).

This takes place before and during the first issue of the legendary original Marvels series, with the advent of super-heroes and masked mystery men in New York. The original Human Torch, the Angel, Captain America, and Sub-Mariner are on hand, as well as quite a few more obscure characters like John Steele and the Ferret, and cameos by Thin Man, Destroyer and many others. The story itself is top notch, following the attempts to prepare the US for its seemingly inevitable entry into the War with Germany, and there are many hands in the fire to try and prevent that.

I’m not the biggest Brubaker fan, but this time he did his characters good; there’s some unavoidable retroactive continuity, but everything’s pretty true to the universe created by those early Timely Comics writers and artists, and fleshed out by Roy Thomas in the seventies.

Recommended reading for any golden age comic book fan.

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