Review: Elementary: The Ghost Line

Elementary: The Ghost Line
Elementary: The Ghost Line by Adam Christopher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ll have to say that this book read just like an episode of the Elementary TV show. The author had all the characterizations spot on, there was plenty of good detail in the descriptions, and it was a somewhat novel plot. And I enjoyed having Alonzo actually in on one of Holmes’ cases for once.

However, the only thing I really found lacking was that there wasn’t any additional background information, or even inferences, given to the characters. Most writers might take the opportunity to reveal some new quirks or some heretofore unknown background tidbits on the characters (or at least some of them), and there was really nothing new here. I suppose that’s the nature of the game, given that beyond the four main characters, the show’s NPCs get offed with regularity.

A rare beast as a good TV adaptation, this is definitely worth a read as both a bit of modern Holmesiana, and a fairly decent detective tale on it’s own. Don’t expect to solve it before Holmes’ inevitable climax though.

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