Review: Warehouse 13 Volume 1 Tp

Warehouse 13 Volume 1 Tp
Warehouse 13 Volume 1 Tp by Ben Raab
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

First of all, I’m a big Warehouse 13 fan. Just finished binge-watching the whole series and it was a very enjoyable program. This review has absolutely NOTHING to do with the quality of the show.

This comic adaptation of the series was okay; just okay. It hit all the points of the TV series – lots of artifacts, a behind-the-scenes mastermind, the sense of family, a bit of history on the warehouse, a bronzing – but didn’t really add anything of note to the mythos. Another problem was that there was a different artist handling the book for each issue, so there wasn’t any consistency. I’d have to say that the final chapter, by Gordon Purcell, was the best one of the series. At least he knows how to handle a TV-based comic book, after working on Star Trek and numerous other franchise comics.

Oh, and the trade paperback is horribly overpriced; I see it on Amazon for $50-80 USD, and it is simply not worth it – at least not for what amounts to a fifteen-minute read. Get the comics instead if you’re interested in reading this.

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