Review: Probe

Probe by Margaret Wander Bonanno
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

An interesting but rather disjointed follow-up to the Voyage Home movie, this book takes a deeper look at the aftermath of the alien probe that attacked Earth, prompting the Enterprise crew to go back in time to get humpback whales to respond and stop the device.

Somehow, the Romulans get involved in the situation – which is both a big part of the story and it’s downfall, as nothing they do makes much sense. There’s a lot of intrigue, but not a lot of reasoning. We’ve got a ship full of new and somewhat interesting characters, but very few of them are adequately explored, and any conflicts they might have are resolved far too amicably.

This is definitely a mid-range quality Star Trek book, the kind worth paying maybe a quarter plus shipping on Amazon.

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