Review: Star Trek: Oaths

Star Trek: Oaths
Star Trek: Oaths by Glenn Hauman
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Sigh. Another mediocre Star Trek COE/SGE novel. I wonder if it’s worth the trouble to keep reading these. For one thing, they’re too damn short to have proper story or character development. I swear that most of the authors in this series are starting to make that the gimmick – you can have one or the other, but very rarely both. This one, had a very interesting story, but the characters suddenly became cardboard cut-outs. While I liked the look at Dr. Lense, it was one of the most boring uses of backstory I’ve ever read. The one saving grace of the story was the reintroduction of Sherman’s Planet into the Trek mythos, but even that was pretty much wasted.

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