Review: The Lady is Blue: Book 1: Atrapako On Eden

The Lady is Blue: Book 1: Atrapako On Eden
The Lady is Blue: Book 1: Atrapako On Eden by Aurora Springer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was an enjoyable read, but really more of a romance than a science fiction story, as the focus is on a relationship between a somewhat independent and headstrong female human scientist and a monstrous reptilian alien. The aliens are erstwhile colonists, looking for a new home and happen upon the planet Eden, which has already been colonized by people from Terra. Naturally, there are conflicts.

Their are two problems that I have with the book. The first is that the science of the climax just doesn’t work for me, as an avid sci-fi reader. I can’t go into it much without spoilers, so I’ll just say it doesn’t make sense to me. That fact doesn’t necessarily detract from the enjoyment of the story, as it’s fairly well written and edited. The second quirk is that the relationship between the two main characters is almost too quickly developed; even with many of the “bad” things that happen to them in the book, along with the strangeness of their relative cultures, there’s not a lot of emotional danger between Lucy and Sa Kamisan. I’m not sure if it’s just because I don’t read many romance novels, but that detracted from the story for me. I wanted a little more uncertainty, or to have the characters work a bit more for their relationship.

Other than that, it’s a pretty solid independent novel. I’d probably give this one 3.5 stars, but hey, I can’t do a half, so 4 it is!

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