Review: Eden

Eden by Stanisław Lem
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another exemplary science fiction novel from Stanislaw Lem, who is rapidly becoming one of my favorite authors. This tale has a spaceship crashing on a livable but co,pletely alien world, with a nondescript crew of specialists, who try to make repairs and contact the strange lifeforms there. This is another Lem tale that stresses a.basic problem with the dream of spaceflight and exploration: We can’t judge an alien culture or society by the mores and morals of even a idealized human society. It will, more than likely, not be Star Trek…in fact, it may verge more on Alien, or something surreal beyond human understanding.

A bit dated because of the technology, this is still an interesting read, and a good book to read in tandem with Lem’s Solaris or The Star Diaries.

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