Book review requests

reviews If you’ve got a book you’d like to be reviewed, and you’ve got the guts, I’d be glad to give it a go. I post all my reviews to Goodreads, and many to Amazon as well. But the review WILL go up on Goodreads, since I’m keeping track of what I read with their little Reading Challenge doohickey. If you’d like me to read and review your book, what I need from you is:

  • A copy of your book in mobi format. NO PDFs! PDFs are evil and let the terrorists win! Every time you read a PDF, Justin Bieber gets a new fan! Stop the evil now!

Sorry. Sorta got off track there. But that’s about it. I should get to your book within a month or so, usually sooner, especially if it’s in a genre I like. I prefer science fiction, pulp adventure, series detective/mystery (like The Cat Who books, Agatha Christie, Jacques Futrelle, Tim Myers, bizarro fiction and weird stuff. I hate epic fantasy (Why bother people? LOTR, Robert E. Howard and Fritz Lieber and Terry Brooks have pretty much covered that, okay?). Anything else is in-between, but I will read most anything. If you’d still like me to review your book, you can either email me a MOBI copy at vigilante407 at gmail dot com or, if I have hopefully divined enough from WordPress (i.e., pushed the right button), use this contact form to let me know about it:

One thought on “Book review requests

  1. […] Trusting someone you don’t know is tough, too, and when several different names were bandied about (one from a guy who told me to email him my book, who, minutes later, informed me he would have limited internet access the next few days), I finally received an offer from Rich Meyer himself. When he sent me to his formatting site, I knew immediately that he was the guy to use, as Rich was the man who was recommended to me earlier in the year! (Rich is pretty well-known in the indie world. He also accepts book review requests.) […]

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